License Testing


Motorcycle Training & Licensing Information

The following is a list of local classes designed to teach you to ride and qualify you for a full motorcycle license.


2018 Testing Dates at Hayden Honda

  • April 28 - 9am-1pm
  • May 5 - 9am-1pm
  • May 19 - 9am-1pm
  • May 25 - 4pm-7pm
  • June 8 - 4pm-7pm
  • June 23 - 9am-1pm
  • June 29 - 4pm-7pm
  • July 14 - 9am-1pm
  • July 27 - 4pm-7pm
  • August 11 - 9am-1pm
  • August 24 - 4pm-7pm
  • September 8 - 9am-1pm
  • September 22 - 9am-1pm

    Testing Requirements:

  • Fee of $10 CASH payable to examiner at the time of testing
  • You must provide an IN driver's license
  • You must have a valid (unexpired) Motorcycle Learners Permit (permit test administered by the BMV and based on questions from the Motorcycle Operators Manual)
  • Applicant must provide their own motorcycle
  • Motorcycle used for skills examination to obtain an endorsement of license must be street-legal, currently registered, with proof of insurance
  • Motorcycles are subject to a vehicle safety inspection performed by the examiner
  • Applicant must wear a DOT approved helmet

Fort Wayne

Motorcycle Rider Training
Jeff Bartlett -
Cost: $99

Cost: $100


Next Step Motorcycle Academy
Cost: $125

Other Sites:


What does the motorcycle test involve?

It is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s policy not to release the exact dimensions and riding requirements for motorcycle endorsement or licensing skill tests. License applicants should not be narrowly focused in practicing “to the test”; they should simply be competent in handling their motorcycle safely and precisely in basic skills including braking, cornering and swerving. We encourage riders to practice these skills at a pace that allows for continuous development and improvement. There are materials available that can help. For example, you can go the MSF website,, and download the You and your Motorcycle: Riding Tips booklet, or access the Dr Jim’s Riding Tips mobile app that will provide step-by-step instruction and demonstrations on practicing maneuvering and braking skills that are typical of those evaluated in a state licensing skill exam. These, and additional internet sources, will give you guidance for practicing the skills needed to pass the licensing test conducted in any state.

Check out the motorcycle license manual here.

If you need more info please feel free to stop in and talk to our staff at Hayden Honda.